Rubber Stamps – Self Inking

Self Inker Personal Rubber Stamps


Our rubber stamp service is efficient and reliable. Our rubber stamps are top quality and we normally have your rubber stamp order ready within 24 hours. ShinyStamp our supplier has been supplying top quality rubber stamps for over 50 years.

Online Ordering Made Easier – See below for Price List & Reference Chart 

  • for personalized square and/or oval shaped shaped stamps
  • personalized circular stamps
  • personalized revolving date stamps
  • full range of stock stamps, stock dater stamps and heavy duty stamps

Alternatively email us the wording and details of the rubber stamps you require and we will recommend and quote you for the best sizes and specification.

Click here to order/get quote for Rubber Stamps –  Please provide the following details:-

  • the exact wording you require on  your stamp(s) – Personalised Stamps only 
  • the code & price for the size stamp(s) you require from the price list
  • or give us your wording and we will set up and suggest best sizes for your rubber stamp
  • stock items require the code, price and the standard wording selected

Before making your rubber stamps we will send you:-

    • Proofs for your approval – on Personalized Stamps only – which will also show correct sizes & confirm the prices
    • Standard Stamps do not require proofs
    • Provide payment details for you to pay
    • Stamps are normally ready for collection within 24 hours of payment being received.
    • We will inform you as soon as your order is ready for collection


  • Each personalized rubber stamp size has a diagram showing size, order code, no of lines of text available and price.
  • The ink pad and/or text plate can also be supplied separately for all makes of rubber stamps at the prices listed below.
  • All stock stamps & stock dater stamps listed below are supplied exactly as is and cannot be personalized.
  • Prices below exclude vat of 15% as from 1 April 2018

rs 1

rs 2

rs 3

rs 4

rs 5

rs 6

rs 7

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