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Herbalife Products

Hi – My wife and I have been Herbalife Distributors since 2001. We have used the products every day of our lives from the day we joined Herbalife. Just for the record our other business is printing which is also on this website and work both from home

These products work for us and as Mark Hughes the founder of the company used to say “If the products work for me there is no reason why they should not work for you too.”

To introduce ourselves we are Joshua and Ethne Sachs. I am 78 years old and my wife is 73. As a result of using these products we are both extremely healthy and both look and feel much younger than our actual ages.

We had our website called eat2lose.org for many years but have changed it to help new customers through personal contact rather than asking them to place orders on a website.

However before talking to us you may want to check out the products first and what they can do for you.
You can do that by clicking on : https://www.goherbalife.com/eat2lose/en-ZA

After you have done that return to this website page by selecting the previous tab or phoning us.

We can have an online discussion or if convenient you are welcome to visit us at our home. WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU: Our help and advice is free so if you are serious just get back to us. We will guide you as to what products you should use and also discuss your eating habits to help you change what you eat without dieting. Budget is an important part of advising you. With over 17 years experience both in using the products and helping others you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After an obligation free discussion if you would like to order we will then send you a price list. You can then email us your order off the price list. It’s easy and simple to order by emailing us the quantity and product code.

We then send you an estimate and after everything is agreed to only then do we send you an invoice for payment as per your selected method of payment payment also on this page

Delivery is either direct to you or you can collect from our home or even from Herbalife in Woodmead.

Contact Page – All our details
Ethne & Joshua Sachs
Independent Herbalife Distributors
Tel: 011 782-6879
Cell: 082 859 2553 (Ethne & Whatsapp)
Cell: 082 859 0757 (Josh)
Fax: 086 653 7840
Email: eat2lose@gmail.com
Website: www.eat2lose.org


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